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Curating & Collaborating

At the intersection of culture, fashion and technology.

Curating & Collaborating

At the intersection of culture, fashion and technology.

Curating and collaborating at the intersection of culture, fashion and technology. 



Collaboration and community are central to everything Tokunbo does, whether that is putting together a full week of food and entrepreneurship events for the British Library or curating bespoke cultural events for tech firms across London.

Tokunbo takes pride in helping others thrive. She excels at connecting and bringing people together from across a range of industries and backgrounds.

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Tokunbo is powered by a drive for positive change globally and enjoys collaborating with individuals and organisations committed to making a positive difference in the world.

In March 2022, she co-founded and led the day to day management of Black Women for Black Lives, a short term volunteer led organisation created in response to the racism faced by Black students fleeing the war in Ukraine.

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Stories have an incredible way of connecting us to one another, uplifting us, and giving us permission to tell our own story.

Tokunbo is particularly adept at helping others embrace and share their own stories. She is the host and chief story teller of The Tokunbo Chronicles where she shares moving stories that empower, educate and entertain. 

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Culture Curator & Commentator

Tokunbo is a vibrant, passionate and driven entrepreneur who is often described as ‘fearless’. Her background in social work, personal styling and entrepreneurship has given her a myriad of experiences in building community, scaling businesses, and creating lasting impact. Tokunbo believes our lives are ours to be created and lived fully. She is on a personal mission to help others in becoming the best version of themselves whilst living a full and unapologetic life.


A versatile project manager, Tokunbo offers a range of services to meet the needs of her clients and partners. These include:

Speaking & Hosting

Event Planning and Curation

Business Consulting