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The Tokunbo Chronicles

A podcast about the journeys we take and the stories we make.

Stories have an incredible way of connecting us to one another, uplifting us, and giving us permission to tell our own story

I am your host and chief story teller, Tokunbo Koiki, a multi passionate entrepreneur, founder of the award-winning Tokunbo’s Kitchen and the London African Food Week.

In this podcast I’ll be sharing moving stories that are sure to empower, educate and entertain you.
I will be speaking to entrepreneurs, trailblazers and dreamers who have incredible and powerful stories to share. From their triumphs and tribulations we’ll be drawing out the details, the how’s to’s and the lessons we can all take away.

Life is what you make of it and only you get to decide how your story is written. I hope by sharing these stories with you, you leave inspired and equipped to live yours out, unapologetically.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the chronicles.


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