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“Black Women Need To Have The Confidence And Audacity Of White Men”

“Most adults are just big babies who are winging it. Adulthood is actually a scam!” – Amina Aweis


Amina Aweis is a writer, content creator and Software Engineer. She is also an ambassador for London Screen Academy which is a sixth form founded by names in the industry behind the production of the Harry Potter series, James Bond and Paddington. She is also 1/3 of The Black Muslim Girl Podcast (TBMG) which is a space for Black Muslim girls to vibe, elevate, educate each other.

Amina is passionate about authentic storytelling and believes it’s what connects people together. She is also pushing to get more women into the tech industry.


At only 22 years old, Amina is already chartering her own path and been unapologetic in raising the issues she faces as a young Black African Somali woman.

She shares her journey from making a decision not to attend university despite it being expected of her to working in tech and having to leave her comfort zone. Whilst Amina showed an entrepreneurial streak at a young age she decided to pursue her creative side applying for a digital marketing apprenticeship after her completing her ‘A’ Levels where she had her first experience of microaggressions as a young Black woman in a very white corporate space. Her next work experience in the film industry was a more positive work experience in which her hard work and creative genius was not only recognised but also appreciated and rewarding. Amina also learnt the power of using her voice to effect change. Now working in tech, Amina shares how she was able to make the move through her persistence and ability to network effectively. Amina’s is keen for many more Black women to enter the Tech space and actively shares her knowledge on her YouTube channel.

Sit back relax and enjoy the Chronicles.