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How Tahlia Gray’s Cultural Experiences Led Her To Create An Empowering Hosiery Brand

“When you are a dark-skinned beauty, you might not want to be called Mocha or Midnight or something of that nature.” – Tahlia Gray


Tahlia Gray is the Founder of Sheer Chemistry, an empowering hosiery brand specialising in tights for women of all shades of brown. Born in Australia of Jamaican heritage, she is passionate about challenging traditional beauty standards and helping women reach their potential.

Before starting Sheer Chemistry, Tahlia graduated from the University of Birmingham with a degree in International Business, and began her career in New York working in HR for some of the world’s largest organisations including UBS, Morgan Stanley and Linklaters.


Tahlia Gray was born in Sydney, Australia of Jamaican heritage where she spent the first 15 years of her life. Her family then moved to the UK where what was meant to be, according to her mum, a yearlong ‘Trip to Broaden your Horizon’ became a more move. Tahlia chose to study International Business with a course that offered her year abroad living in Brazil. Following this Tahlia then moved to live and work in New York where whilst trying to “live her best sex & the city life”, her inability to find tights to match her skin tone propelled her to start Sheer Chemistry, an empowering hosiery brand, driven by a mission to create a more diverse perception of beauty.

When Tahlia stumbled across this problem, she considered writing ‘an angry letter’ to someone but then realised that the person likely to be on the receiving end wouldn’t understand or nor would ‘HE’ care about her issue. In that moment Tahlia decided that the ‘only person who can really fix this problem’ was herself. And thus began her journey of creating her first business starting with the receiving the name which came to her in her sleep. She also did some market research by speaking to make up artists to better understand the different shades for Black women and other women of colour.

You will hear in this episode how Tahlia has been so intentional in how she set up her business thinking very carefully about her branding and marketing. And this comes through from the moment you receive your package to the point of you putting on the tights and getting on with your day.  She backs this up with the ‘Tahlia’s Promise’ that allows you to get your money back if you feel anything short of LOVE for her products.

So sit back, relax and enjoy the Tahlia’s intrepid travel chronicles